Telescoping Fiberglass Poles

Non-Conductive Fiberglass & FR Rated!

Wonder Pole® structural fiberglass poles are corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals. Wonder Pole® will last indefinitely with little or no maintenance. The applications can be in environments where water (either salt water or fresh water) is present, such as water and sewage plants and coastal areas, or where corrosive chemical solutions and or vapors are present like in coal preparation plants and chemical plants, mining, etc. Wonder Pole® products will endure a long life with very little maintenance.

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Camera Ready Poles

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Extension Poles

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Wonder Pole is the standard in the industry.

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Wonder Pole® Telescoping Fiberglass Poles

Wonder Pole® telescoping fiberglass poles are strong, tall, and sets up in seconds.

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Storm Tough® construction, Models ranging in heights from 6′ to 40′. White, Yellow, and Black in most models. Made in the USA by Us.

Wonder Pole® telescoping fiberglass poles

Product Listing:

Camera Poles – Takes photos to new heights.
High Poles – The standard for all escort vehicles.
Extension Poles – Extend your reach for any application.
Tailgate Flagpoles – The gold medal standard, Wonder Pole®.

Wonder Pole® telescoping fiberglass poles, made in America by us for 25 years. We are here after the sale. Wonder Pole® has been the standard for fiberglass telescoping poles for 25 years. Since the beginning the Wonder Pole® has met the rigors of use expected from a premium product. Each pole and it’s components are made in the USA.

Since we actually make the pole and the accessories you do not have to go around the barn to get support. We have developed a camera pole set, an escort high pole set, and a beautiful strong telescoping tailgate flagpole capable of flying multiple flags. In addition we have several models of fiberglass telescopic Wonder Poles® designed for a variety of uses.

The telescopic Wonder Pole® comes in a range of heights from 48” to 40’. If you have a special need, call us at 1-503-585-1179 Monday – Friday 9:00 to 5:00 PST.

You can also use our 24/365 contact form for questions, product information, or orders. Need help? Use out contact form from the top menu. We love questions, and look forward to talking with you. Give us some details for the staff to ponder. It may get busy, but we will do our best to get back as soon as possible. Thank you, Wonder Pole® Staff