Wonder PoleWe started making high end telescoping fiberglass Wonder Poles about 25 years ago for the flagpole industry. Most of the other poles offered for sale at that time were made from inexpensive metals or imported thin wall fiberglass fishing poles that were modified to fly banners and flags.

We saw the need for a superior pole that would withstand the rigors of flag flying in all types of outdoor conditions. After years of trials we arrived at the final product, the Wonder Pole®.
Little did we realize where it would lead. Now years later we have developed several models for a variety of industries. Our Wonder Pole® is used around the world in thousands of businesses, and homes.

Now you can now purchase a Wonder Pole® for a variety of uses; flagpoles, wind detection masts, realtor photography, construction, data collection, mast and antenna support, recovery work, tailgating, and pilot car high poles just to name a few.

Because we make our own fiberglass poles here in the United States, and test every model , you can be assured of purchasing a quality product that works! Made in the USA and guaranteed. Our Wonder Poles® are circumferentially wrapped for super strong hoop strength, and we use UV rated ridged 8 sided ISO resins. No one makes a stronger telescoping pole than Wonder Pole®