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Why spend $2,000 to $4,000 for a camera pole then lug around heavy equipment, and spend valuable time setting up and taking it down. The Camera Ready Pole™ by Wonder Pole® sets up in seconds, is portable, and you can use your own camera or tripod. Check out the pricing and video below. Great for home inspectors, sports, weddings, events, crime scene photography, and more. Camera Mount is included with every camera pole.

21' Camera Pole

  • 59″ up to 21′ instantly!
  • Camera Mount Adapter
  • Telescoping Fiberglass
  • Safer Then Metal Poles
  • Storm Tough® construction
  • Easy open and close
  • Made In The USA, By Wonder Pole®

Sale $189.00

Elevated Photography

30' Camera Pole

  • 77″ up to 30′ instantly!
  • Easy open and close
  • Camera Adapter included
  • Telescoping fiberglass
  • Safer then metal poles
  • Storm Tough® construction
  • Made In The USA, By Wonder Pole®.

Sale $275.00

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying!

Works Great

Product: Camera Ready Pole 621Pro

We had no experience with this kind of pole.  Found the WonderPole simple to use and setup.  It works great for our camera operation.
Worked so well we’ve already ordered 2 more!
Posted By: John Estada

Great Product!!! Don’t Buy the Painters Pole Rival!!!

Previously, I purchased one of the competitive models that rivaled a painters pole. It arrived defective, it took four days to convince them there was a problem and it took over a week to get a replacement. When I received the replacement, I did not open it and returned both.

While I was frustratingly waiting, I found the Wonderpole and spoke to Richard Cross who assured me I would be pleased and if there was a problem, no questions asked, he would send a new one out that day.

Just received it and within 15 minutes (including unpacking, inspecting and mounting my camera, I had 30-40 aerial photos of my home. GREAT PRODUCT!!! BUY IT AND YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!

Thank you Richard.

Posted by Gary Altoonian

Great alternative to expensive end zone camera systems

I just started using this as an end zone camera pole for football. It works as advertised and is a much cheaper alternative to other end zone pole only options. However, you do need a good tripod or base to hold the pole in place when extending the pole over 15′ to 21′ on moderately windy days.

Posted by Howard Rescoe

How to modify a surveyors tripod for our camera pole.


  • Surveyors tripod ( We used a CST / BERGER
  • Camera Pole Pro 621 or 630 model
  • Open end wrench
  • ABS cement
  • ABS pipe ( 2″ x 33″ )
  • One (1) threaded female coupling )
  • 2″ conduit lock nut
  • Bulls Eye level

You can find the tripod online or at Home Depot / Loews, Amazon, etc. The other materials are available at most big hardware stores.

Always remember to wear the proper safety equipment, including eye protection, and other safety items when undertaking any construction project. Always use caution when using any pole withing the fall line of persons or property.

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Camera Mount for telescoping camera pole

Camera Pole Camera Mount

Every telescoping Camera Pole by Wonder Pole® comes with the universal camera mount. Attach to your camera, slip over and onto the Camera Pole, secure with the set screws and your ready to for elevated photography.

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Video camera with camera mount on telescoping fiberglass camera pole
  • End Zone Photography
  • Recreational Elevated Photo & Video
  • Roof Inspections
  • Elevated Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Elevated Videos
  • Crime Scenes
  • Residential
  • Journalism
  • Area Mapping
  • Vehicle Mounted Camera Pole Photography
  • Building Inspection Images
Real Estate Photography


Elevated Photography
Picture Of Home Using The Camera Pole


Telescoping Camera Pole

Wonder Pole Diagram

Every Wonder Pole® is constructed using the finest and strongest fiberglass materials and assembled by our team. We do our best to insure that every telescoping fiberglass Wonder Pole® is properly assembled, inspected, and ready for use. Thousands of Wonder Poles® are in use today, many for 15 years and longer. Wonder Pole® and related products are made in the USA, and designed for residential and commercial use. No matter how well a product is made, it is impossible and unforeseeable to predetermine the various applications, methods of use, and conditions our poles and related products may be subject to during your usage of them. As such, we cannot guarantee or provide a warranty that covers the use and application of our Wonder Pole®. We encourage you to read all of the information on our web site, and if you need any additional product information, please contact us using our Contact Form. In addition it is the users / customers responsibility to use the product in a safe manner, and to be sure that the Wonder Pole® is not used withing the fall line of persons or property. Please see our Wonder Pole® FAQ

Camera Pole Questions and AnswersFrequently Asked Questions

How Does The Camera Pole Work?
The retracted size is 59″ for the 621 model and 77″ for the 630 model. The 621 Pro can be raised while in a vertical position up to 21′. The first section and second sections are extended of the model 630 Pro are drawn out to the desired length before placing in an upright position.

There are six sections to the fiberglass Wonder Pole. The bottom section is 2″ OD. The top mast is 3/4″ OD and is fitted with the camera pole adapter. To extend the pole turn the Sure Grip counter clockwise to open, and when the desired height is set use a clockwise turn  to set. A second set of clamps are provide for extended periods of use. The camera adapter has a standard tripod mounting screw to accept most cameras.

Do I Have To Use Every Pole Section?
No, You can extend any section to any desired length or leave the entire section retracted.
Does The Pole Need Guy Wires?
No, as long as the base pole support is adequate, The Camera Pole 621Pro can be hand held or used in a tripod or other support without the use of guy wires under normal conditions. Of course the weather, location, and camera equipment size and weight may necessitate additional support due to one or more of these factors. Always be sure to consider any persons or property within the fall line of the pole before placing into use..
How Do I Order And How Long Does It Take To Ship?
We ship same day or next business day. You can order online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at our store or call our toll free number listed on this site. We love to answer questions and are open for calls from 8:00am to 4:30pm PST. You can also use our contact form to receive a list of specifications for the Camera Ready Pole and other information.
Can I put a cable through the pole from top to bottom?
Yes. The fiberglass tubes are open. The top section has an inside diameter of approximately .50 inches with a .75 inch outside diameter. the remaining sections have larger inside diameters. Most cables will pass through. Be sure to check your cable specifications.

Before And After Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

Without Camera Pole

Elevated Real Estate Photography.

Using Camera Pole

Ranch House At Grade Photography

Without Camera Pole

Ranch House Elevated Photography

Using Camera Pole

Wonder Pole telescoping fiberglass extension poles, reliable, strong, and made in the USA! Dismiss